My Old Tokyo Blog

Time was I was a young pup, naive about the world.  Not like now, now I know everything.  But back then I lived in Tokyo for a year, and made many silly mistaken observations in modular blog-like format.  I am archiving it here for ease of blackmail use.

Here is the rough chronology.  It starts out in Portland, Oregon in Summer 2002.  Soon after that I spend some time in Southern China, Taiwan, and Malaysia.  By Fall I’m in Tokyo and live there until Summer 2003.  This is the most interesting part of the blog, and where I learned the most about what it means to live in another culture.

Then I lived in Portland for a year again, and here’s where posting gets very sporadic.  I live in Beijing for a year but posted rarely, and then things got very strange at the end with me posting half-assed web comics.  Go out with a whimper, that’s just how we do.

Without further ado: My Old Tokyo Weblog

Top Ten Old Tokyo Moments

Some highlights from my old Tokyo blog.

  1. The time I set the bath tub on fire
  2. The time I coined the phrase onigiri lifestyle
  3. The time I got cute letters from middle school kids
  4. The time a fad swept the nation
  5. The time I realized I was poor
  6. The time a dude ran into a train door and we laughed
  7. The time I articulated the foreigner stare
  8. The time I figured out how the Tokyo transit culture works
  9. The time I planted rice
  10. The time the cops took my thumbprints for murder evidence

Tokyo MoBlog

Now this was during the blog-crazed days of the early 00′s.  We were all a little high off of RSS, and we in fact had meetings about how awesome blogging was.  It was good times.  Back then I had a side blog that I posted via email from my cellphone, and it was the most unbelievable thing.  This dude coded it up for me.  It was living in the future, and I’m quite sure Twitter owes their success completely to me.

Domo Domo MoBlog